Captain Marvel Set Photos May Provide A Look At Carol’s Return To Earth


It’s shaping up to be another Marvel-ous week for fresh news and material on the next the MCU movie, and if that pun was a little corny and unoriginal for your taste, bear in mind that we’re only relaying the wordplay from a billboard that features in the latest batch of Captain Marvel set photos.

You can feast your eyes on all six of the pics here, and you’ll see that they give us a look at some of the local scenery in the California region and several signs emblazoned with the “OW” initials in reference to the film’s working title, “Open World.” But you’ll probably be more interested in checking out the new photos of the messy-looking crash site that we saw in some set videos released in May.

At this point, we have no way of knowing for sure who the victims were of this unfortunate incident, but the current theories are leaning towards Carol Danvers being among the passengers. For instance, this could be the scene in which Captain Marvel makes her return to Earth, paving the way for her involvement in Avengers 4. Come to think of it, an ending like this would rhyme quite nicely with the conclusion of Captain America: The First Avenger, another captain-led origin story/period piece that directly preceded an Avengers movie in Marvel’s release schedule.

Of course, Captain Marvel’s big screen debut will have plenty more characters to go around. For one thing, the villainous, shape-shifting Skrulls will have a central role in the story, while Guardians of the Galaxy antagonist Ronan the Accuser will also be making a return to the fray, along with Mar-Vell and numerous other members of the Kree race.

Then there’s our old friend Nick Fury, who’ll be digitally de-aged 25 years to fit in with the ‘90s setting. What’s more, based on a new hoodie that Samuel L. Jackson displayed on Instagram earlier this week, we may be getting an appearance from Carol’s pet Flerken Chewie, though we certainly hope this feline creature isn’t part of the wreckage in these photos.

Seeing how the first trailer for Captain Marvel is apparently still a few months away, it might be a while before we get to see any real footage of these characters in action, but all will be revealed when the film finally crashes into theaters March 8th, 2019.