Carol Danvers Is Reborn In New Captain Marvel Trailer


Carol Danvers! Interstellar warfare! A two-eyed Nick Fury! It can only be next year’s Captain Marvel movie, which is all set to light the fuse on what’ll no doubt be a blockbuster lineup of superhero content from Marvel Studios.

But before the likes of Disney and Fox can bring us Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home and the long-delayed Dark Phoenix, 2019 kicks off with Captain Marvel, which will surely make history regardless of the box office numbers. After all, Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s female-fronted spinoff is the first Marvel movie to be headlined by a woman. And what a woman she is.

Brough to life by the inimitable Brie Larson, up above you can lay eyes on more footage of Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot who “becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes” and “finds herself and a small cadre of allies at the center of a galactic war.” All of that and more’s teased in the new promo we have for you today, though there’s not exactly much in the way of fresh material here. Still, that doesn’t make it any less exciting and if you simply can’t wait to meet the MCU’s next big deal, then you’d be wise to watch it.

After all, Kevin Feige has already hinted that Captain Marvel may very well go on to become the next leader of the Avengers, which certainly puts a fair bit of pressure on her first solo outing to make a good impression. Judging by fan reactions to the footage we’ve seen so far though, the studio’s definitely done its job in getting viewers pumped.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Captain Marvel will definitely live up to the hype, but we’ll find out just what Carol’s set to bring to the franchise when the film hits theaters on March 8th, 2019. After that, she’ll be seen joining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for the big Phase 3 finale when Avengers: Endgame arrives on April 26th.