Carol And Daryl Reportedly Getting Their Own Walking Dead Movie

The Walking Dead

Carol and Daryl are the future of The Walking DeadWhile we don’t know the fates of many other characters beyond the show’s eleventh and final season, we have been promised that Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride will continue on in the franchise as they’ll be starring in their own spinoff series that’ll follow Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier travelling across the country. And it’s possible that AMC has additional plans for the pair on top of that.

Insider Daniel Richtman shared on his Patreon page that a Carol and Daryl movie is also in development. As you’d imagine, this will directly tie into the TV series, although the tipster doesn’t offer any details on how the two projects will be connected. What’s more, something that’s being described as a “Daryl origin movie” is also touted, Richtman says. In other words, AMC knows Daryl’s a fan favorite and they’re milking his popularity for all it’s worth.

Season 10C is only two episodes in and it’s already begun sowing the seeds for Daryl and Carol’s future in the franchise. Episode 10×18 “Find Me” introduced Daryl’s lost girlfriend Leah who it’s a safe bet will return at some point, likely putting a spanner in the works of Daryl and Carol’s relationship. The episode also teased that we could dive back into Daryl’s past again, which it sounds like that origins film would do.

AMC have a lot of projects spinning right now, but it definitely seems like they’re setting up Daryl and Carol to be the spine of the TWD universe going forward. For example, there’s another Daryl and Carol-centric hour coming up in a few weeks, with the penultimate installment of the mini-season – episode 10×21 “Diverged” – likely to also pave the way for the duo’s arc in their own spinoff.

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