Carol Star Jake Lacy Enlists For Gun Control Drama Miss Sloane With Jessica Chastain



Following a brief stint on The Office and a minor role in Todd Haynes’ Oscar favorite Carol, Jake Lacy has enlisted for gun control drama Miss Sloane, according to The Wrap.

John Madden is behind the lens for the button-pushing piece, which couldn’t be entering the mainstream at a more appropriate time following Barack Obama’s recent address about the regulation and restrictions surrounding the sale of firearms in the States. Lacy joins a cast that already boasts Jessica Chastain and The Newsroom‘s Alison Pill, though information about their respective characters in Madden’s feature hasn’t been disclosed.

What we do know is that Chastain anchors the feature as a decorated lobbyist seeking personal redemption by championing a new legalization that would result in tighter restrictions for gun control in the country. Even from that brief description we can deduce that Chastain’s seasoned professional has a history with gun violence – be it directly or indirectly – that ought to add some dramatic heft to her central role. It’s unclear how Lacy and Alison Pill will filter into the feature film, but it seems safe to assume that they’ll bring new perspectives to the core debate fuelling Madden’s drama.

Setting up shop at EuropaCorp and FilmNation, Miss Sloane is based on a script from first-time screenwriter Jonathan Perera, while Ben Browning and Patrick Chu assume the roles of producer and executive producer, respectively.

No word yet on a production timeline for Miss Sloane, though the fact that the issues surrounding gun control have once again become the subject of national debate, we imagine that the creative hats at EuropaCorp and FilmNation will be keen to fast-track this one.

Source: The Wrap

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