‘Matrix’ star Carrie-Anne Moss doesn’t like recreating a certain iconic movie scene

The Matrix

The Matrix Resurrections is coming this Christmas, continuing the high concept martial arts/cyberpunk adventure that blew audiences away in the 2000s. Trailer and TV spots tease a self-referential story that’s heading in a new direction from the original, but in classic Matrix fashion, the promotional material is asking a lot of questions and giving us few answers.

One of the more prominent headscratchers is how the lead characters survived the events of The Matrix Revolutions. The trilogy ended with Trinity dying as their ship crashed, with Neo then sacrificing his life to end the war between machines and humans. If you look carefully, there are hints in the trailers that their bodies were revived and plugged back in, though the details remain elusive.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss have been doing interviews where they reflect on the Matrix’s legacy and what the new movie will offer. During this, Moss dropped a hint that some fan requests aren’t welcome. When talking about the famous “dodge this” sequence in which she finally takes out an agent, she mentioned she was asked to pose for a photo recreating it:

“I did have someone just recently ask for a picture and they asked if I could do ‘Dodge this,’ I thought about it for a second and was like, ‘No.'”

Her exact reasons remain a mystery, though I suppose being asked to pretend to shoot her fans in the head isn’t a great look.

Moss also explained that the Reloaded freeway chase was the most dangerous sequence she’s ever done, saying that the pressure of riding a motorbike through traffic without a helmet and with a passenger was incredibly stressful:

“A passenger who’s life depended on me being impeccable and perfect because I knew that if I allowed my mind one moment of doubt that I could hurt another human being, and I held that for all of those days… It was exhausting holding that mental absolute knowing that I was going to keep him alive.”

Here’s hoping we get to see Trinity kicking ass when The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters on Dec. 22.