Carrie Fires Up First Trailer And Creeps Out Fans On The Phone

The first trailer for the remake to Brian DePalma’s 1976 classic Carrie has arrived online tonight after its debut at the New York Comic-Con this past weekend. A true teaser, the preview takes a bird’s eye view of Carrie’s hometown up in flames leading to the shot we’ve all been waiting for: Carrie dripping with pig’s blood.

At New York Comic-Con, director Kimberly Peirce expressed her interest in exploring Stephen King’s novel further rather than exacting a remake from a previous film, “I took a lot from reading Stephen King’s fantastic novel — Carrie’s plight, Carrie’s mother, and thinking ‘My god, this is a fantastic story.’” Producer Kevin Misher, also on the panel, referenced the technological changes which have occurred in the last thirty years, promising that this production will take Carrie’s destruction to the extreme.

The trailer delivers on that promise with a long, uninterrupted take of Chamberlain, Maine – a climax differing wildly from De Palma’s, which kept the bloodshed restrained to the Bates High School prom. It remains loyal, as stated by Peirce, to the source material of King’s novel in which Carrie sets out to destroy the town that mocked her.

Also unveiled at Comic-Con was the film’s first official poster, a close up of Chloe Grace Moretz’s Carrie, face dripping with blood covered by the capitalised words “You will know her name.”  A haunting image of a taunted girl pushed to the limit.

As horrifying as that image may be, the most highly effective marketing pawn the filmmakers orchestrated was the “Call Carrie” campaign. If fans wish to interact with Carrie, or her mad-as-a-bag-of-hamsters mother, Margaret White, portrayed by Julianne Moore in a brilliant spot of casting, the White’s home phone number has been made public.

Several fans over on the film’s Facebook page called the number and one in particular posted all three potential messages available to those who dialled. All three creepy calls allow callers a chance to listen in on the mother-daughter dynamic in the White household and a brilliant glimpse into Julianne Moore’s possession of Margaret White.

Following the creepy viral campaign, the short but sweet teaser and a devoted cast and crew, this remake could be the exception to the rule and be the best damn horror remake of 2013. Here’s hoping.

Source: Huffington Post

Are you excited about the Carrie remake after seeing this trailer? What are your thoughts on the poster or those eerie phone calls? Have your say in the comments below.

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