Cast And Crew Are All Down For A Galaxy Quest Sequel


Amidst the Star Trek reboots, Star Wars sequels, and space-set Marvel movies, I think the one question on everyone’s mind is: where is the Galaxy Quest sequel? I know that I’ve been thinking that, and for once I’m not being facetious. A Galaxy Quest sequel is an awesome idea.

The hold-up on a sequel certainly does not have anything to do with the cast and crew not wanting to participate in another film. In celebration of the (almost) 15th anniversary of Galaxy QuestMTV talked with the cast and crew of the Star Trek spoof with a twist. The crux of it all? Pretty much everyone is into the idea of another Galaxy Quest film. Tim Allen even said that he thought that there’s a script for the sequel running around somewhere, but he can’t get a straight answer about it.

So why no plans for a Galaxy Quest sequel just yet? Well, the film was only a modest success in box office terms, although it has had a much longer shelf-life in the aftermath of its 1999 release. In fact, Galaxy Quest was somewhat ahead of its time, a clever spoof of sci-fi TV shows and the fans that love them before fandom culture took hold in the mainstream.

Another stumbling block to the Galaxy Quest sequel might be the issue of paying even more to get back the original cast. While Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman were major players in 1999, secondary character actors Justin Long and Sam Rockwell had not yet hit the big time. Now they’re probably a good bit more expensive.

However, given the amount of money that studios are willing to spend on franchise films right now, I personally think that DreamWorks (who produced Galaxy Quest) should just take a chance. The original was a cult classic and, with the right script, a sequel could only expand on that. If we can have five hundred Marvel/DC films in the next ten years, why not another Galaxy Quest?