Cate Blanchett Says She’s Down To Return As Hela In Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has come under fire several times for its lack of standout villains, but the studio’s recent films have certainly done a lot to rectify that, delivering memorable and compelling baddies. And while Hela from Thor: Ragnarok wasn’t quite as well fleshed out as say Thanos or Killmonger, she’s certainly still one of the better antagonists to have appeared in the franchise.

Now, with Thor: Love and Thunder beginning to heat up, fans are wondering if they might see Cate Blanchett’s character once more and though she hasn’t been mentioned in relation to the project just yet, an interview with the actress from back in the fall has resurfaced on social media this week which gives us hope that Hela could return.

Speaking with Fandom in September, Blanchett answered with an affirmative “sure” when the outlet asked her if she’d consider reprising the part. Jack Black, who was also there for the interview, chimed in as well, saying:

“You never actually saw her die, you just saw her go down in a giant ball of flame.”

The actress agreed, too, adding:

“There’s always a way back, but I’m sure there’s always a way forward, who knows? I never say no to anything.”

Not only that, but Cate also teased a possible arc for Hela in Love and Thunder, saying that she might even find redemption: “Hela could maybe turn nice, I don’t know,” stated Blanchett.

What’s more is that she was asked about a potential return once again just the other day by Entertainment Tonight, and though the actress admitted that it’s not up to her, she did say that she’s there if they need her.

“That’s probably a Marvel question, but I’m here.”

Again, we haven’t heard anything at all about a possible role for the fan favorite villain in Taika Waititi’s upcoming sequel, but it’s pretty clear that the actress is down for more and though Thor: Love and Thunder is already looking pretty jam-packed as it is, we wouldn’t rule out Hela appearing in some form.

Or, you know, Marvel could just save her for a Phase 5 movie. Either way, we certainly wouldn’t object to more Cate Blanchett in the MCU. Would you?