Chadwick Boseman Doesn’t Know Anything About Black Panther 2 Or Avengers 4


The 2018 MTV Movie Awards really belonged to Black Panther.

Marvel and Ryan Coogler’s Afrocentric epic fought off some stiff competition (read: Avengers: Infinity War, Wonder Woman) to nab four prizes on the night, including the gong for Best Movie, so it’s small wonder why everyone is curious about T’Challa’s next standalone adventure.

It’s still gestating in the bowels of Marvel Studios, and we understand there’s currently no rush to fast-track Black Panther 2. So when T’Challa himself, Chadwick Boseman, was asked about the status of Coogler’s sequel (and Avengers 4!), the actor played coy and told MTV (h/t the following:

Is there an Avengers 4? Is there one? They haven’t told me anything!

Frankly, Boseman’s response isn’t all that surprising, given he’s likely bound by all kinds of NDAs. He’s clearly still reeling from the back-to-back success of Black Panther and Infinity War, too, given the duo’s combined $3.3 billion total has propelled the MCU into the stratosphere – if it wasn’t there already.

Further in the interview, MTV then asked Chadwick Boseman about the chances of Ryan Coogler circling back to Wakanda for Black Panther 2, to which he replied:

I would hope he would do it, right? If it was gonna happen, I would hope he would do it. I think you just do the same thing you’ve always done. You read everything, you do what speaks to you. Whatever feels right you do it. I mean, I think the cool thing is that you have some flexibility now.

Out of the two sequels mentioned, only Avengers 4 has a firm release date (May 3rd, 2019) at this time, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on Black Panther 2 as it begins to coalesce.

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