Channing Tatum confirms ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ for HBO Max

magic mike

Having admitted that he did a terrible job at retiring, Steven Soderbergh has returned to filmmaking with the same relentless desire to churn out as much content as possible that he held 30 years ago.

He’s never really been a franchise guy outside of the Ocean’s trilogy, though, but he’s set to step back behind the camera and helm Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the third and presumably final installment in the dramatic black comedy series that’s generated hundreds of millions of dollars in box office takings, spawned a live stage show and brought some, shall we say… enthusiastic responses from audiences.

Having helmed the first installment, Soderbergh handed the reins over to Gregory Jacobs for Magic Mike XXL, but he still acted as editor and cinematographer on the sequel. Channing Tatum took to Twitter to confirm the news, which has got pulses racing already.

Warner Bros. has confirmed that Magic Mike’s Last Dance will stream exclusively on HBO Max, continuing Soderbergh’s nascent working relationship with the platform that’s seen him deliver acclaimed crime thriller No Sudden Move, while he’s also developing an untitled episodic series.

We can now add Magic Mike’s Last Dance to the ever-expanding list of hotly-anticipated HBO Max originals, and you can bet there’s going to be a huge crowd tuning in for this one.