Channing Tatum is upping the ante for ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’

Magic Mike

Channing Tatum is looking forward to Magic Mike’s Last Dance, and he’s sharing pieces of a storyline that sounds unlike what we’ve seen from the series so far.

Tatum is bringing more serious relationships, more vigorous dancing, and a sense of growth to the characters and the fans of Magic Mike in the trilogy-closing chapter. He’s proud of the work, and part of that work is an intense dance regimen. The actor is looking forward to further exploring the world of dance in Magic Mike’s Last Dance, calling the movie the Super Bowl of stripping in an interview with People.

“I want it to be the Super Bowl of stripping. I want dancing like we’ve never been able to do in the other two movies, because we had to be honest to what the reality of that world is, which isn’t great dancing.”

magic mike

Some fans of Tatum might not be aware that he was a stripper before he got his big break acting, so he knows a lot about the realm of dancing. The Magic Mike films actually reflect some of what he experienced as a stripper — but he plans to enhance it for audiences.

“There was never anything in the real world that I actually stripped in that was even nearly as good as that last dance. We’re already breaking the rules of that, the reality of that world. I want to have professional dancers from all over, Russian ballet dancers, I want to go for it and create a completely new genre of this form.”

Tatum says it’s an experience that’s most definitely exhausting, but worth the effort. He also mentioned that there’s an interesting situation for fans to look forward to.

“We’re going to go off. I’m so sore right now because I have been in Alison’s garage with a Dexter-type situation that you guys will all know about eventually, when the movie’s out. You’ll know why it looked like Dexter in her garage.”

We’ve got to say, a Dexter-type spin on Magic Mike is undoubtedly going to leave us anxiously anticipating the next movie.