Channing Tatum’s Role In Jupiter Ascending Revealed


Some may have been disappointed with Cloud Atlas, but I found it refreshing, and quite beautiful, therefore I’m excited about the Wachowskis’ newest project Jupiter Ascending, although I’m not a fan of their casting choices. A while ago it was announced that Channing Tatum would be taking on an unspecified role in the aforementioned film. This week, Tatum revealed to Collider (via The Film Stage) some of his character’s traits:

 “I’m a splice, splices are essentially built in a test tube. I’m a hybrid wolf and human. And half albino, so I’m a little defective,” he said. “We are breaking ground on—I mean it’s a tough shoot. We’re doing stuff that’s never been done, inside the camera, in the CG world, and the physical stuff. There’s very little, if not no, digital stuntmen in the movie. All the stuff is really real and it’s been hard figuring it out because they don’t like doing anything that’s been done before. So we’re definitely doing some new stuff, so hopefully everybody likes it. And it’s fun, it’s got some cheek to it. It’s a cheeky movie a little bit.”

Cloud Atlas featured groundbreaking performances by the likes of Doona Bae, Jim Sturgess and Ben Whishaw, wheras Jupiter Ascending will have Channing Tatum…playing a werewolf. Well, he’s kind of a werewolf — yeah, that’s a lot better. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

Besides, the supporting cast is actually pretty strong: Mila Kunis (Black Swan), Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Eddie Redmayne (Les Misérables), Tuppence Middleton (Trance), James D’Arcy (Hitchcock), and even renowned director Terry Gilliam are in the film, so there’s nothing to worry about. The story is said to take place in the future — even though the plot is being kept under wraps, it was revealed that Kunis will play a woman who becomes an assassination target by the queen of the universe. Sounds interesting, right?

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