IT: Chapter Two Casts Adult Henry Bowers


Once 2017’s glimpse into the humble lives of Derry’s residents proved to be a box office juggernaut, it only made sense that studios scramble to get the next adaptation of a story penned by Stephen King up on the big screen, chief among which will be IT: Chapter Two. After all, it’s more than understandable that Pennywise continue leading the way as the horror keeps flowing.

And with production on the highly anticipated sequel commencing shortly (recent reports stating filming has already begun were apparently erroneous), key pieces of the puzzle are already falling into place, what with Andy Muschietti returning to directthe kids from the first flick coming back in some capacity, along with the likes of Isaiah MustafaAndy BeanJay Ryan and James Ransone having signed up to play some of their adult counterparts.

Of course, more than just the Losers’ Club will be making up the followup. In fact, their greatest nemesis who wasn’t an omniscient clown will be back for another go-round – and it’s a guy who’s already crossed patricide off his bucket list.

As it turns out, Teach Grant (Damnation, Altered Carbon) has landed the role of adult Henry Bowers, the younger version of whom was played by Nicholas Hamilton in the previous picture. Right now, it remains unclear if that majestic mullet will be making a comeback as well, but fingers remain crossed.

Joining Grant for the ride will be that of Jess Weixler, who’s been cast as Bill’s wife. Not much information has been given beyond that, but it should be exciting to see her working alongside James McAvoy.

IT: Chapter Two opens in theaters September 6, 2019.