It: Chapter Two Director Says He’d Love To Remake The Howling

An American Werewolf in London

The second installation of his classic horror remake hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but Andy Muschietti is already thinking about the terrifying tale he’d like to reboot next. The It: Chapter Two director revealed at ScareDiego that he’d love the chance to revive The Howling for a new generation of moviegoers.

The filmmaker says that it’s a flick he feels many audiences may not be familiar with, given the other similarly plotted pics that came out that year. In his opinion, now would be an awesome time to resurrect the werewolf genre, and he’s apparently not the only one who thinks so, as Bill Hader also claimed that the idea would be “rad.” If the project gets off the ground, maybe the It: Chapter Two star will want to team up once again with the director?

The Howling was the first of three notable werewolf movies to debut in 1981. Wolfen and An American Werewolf in London followed soon after and the latter easily overshadowed the other two and has since been regarded as one of the best werewolf films ever made.

However, this doesn’t mean that The Howling has nothing to offer. The success of the movie spawned seven sequels and a cult following. Rebooting the feature would draw those fans back in, while simultaneously giving the masses a captivating story that they’re likely not familiar with.

Much like the It franchise, the werewolf flick was adapted from a novel with the same name. The plot features a news anchor getting stalked by a serial killer. After taking part in a sting operation where she baits the murderer into getting caught, she takes off for a remote commune to deal with the psychological trauma she’d had to endure. Then, things really start to get crazy.

It turns out that her serene getaway is anything but, as the community she escapes to turns out to be populated by werewolves. This woman just can’t catch a break!

Werewolf flicks may be the next direction that the horror genre plans to go in, too. The Conjuring series is reportedly on the verge of developing a lycanthropic spinoff, while Muschietti seems to be planning a wolfish remake of his own. The public hasn’t been able to enjoy a good werewolf movie in a while, so this impending trend would be welcome to those who were fans of the beastly early eighties flicks.

All of this talk about The Howling is still just that, but hopefully a studio will take interest in the director’s idea and we’ll have more news to break soon.