Charlie Cox Explains Why Those Spider-Man: No Way Home Rumors Are Wrong

Image via Marvel

For months nothing was officially announced about Spider-Man: No Way Home, so rumors swirled about various characters appearing in the much-anticipated threequel. When the trailer finally debuted last month, it went and confirmed many of these appearances, so fans seemed to take it as a sign that every rumored cameo was coming true. For instance, it’s widely agreed that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will definitely be showing up.

The same goes for Charlie Cox, who has long been thought to be turning up as Matt Murdock to act as Peter Parker’s lawyer. In a new interview with The Irish Examiner, however, the Daredevil star has flat-out denied that this is the case. First of all, he addressed all the talk of his forearms apparently being glimpsed in the trailer, once again writing that off as untrue. He explained:

“One of my good friends in New York, who knows me really well texted me a clip from a leaked trailer that has me in it. I had to write back to tell him that it wasn’t real. Like you could clearly see it wasn’t real. This is a guy that knows me and he fell for it. I’m like, ‘Do you think I wouldn’t have told you?'”

Cox went on to discuss another incident that took place on set of his new AMC drama series Kin, with the actor using his commitments to that production as the reason why he can’t be in No Way Home.

“There was a fan on the Kin crew. I came to work one day, and the rumour had come out that I was filming in Atlanta, and he asked me like it was a sensible question, and I was like, ‘I’ve been here every day with you, on set’ but I think he was so hopeful that he still was like, ‘Is it true?’; I had to say to him, ‘How would it be true?“

The actor also claimed that the realities of the pandemic would’ve stopped him from cameoing in the movie, unless Captain America could’ve given him a lift.

‘Even if I had a few days off, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. I’m not allowed to fly anywhere. What are you talking about?’ Did he think Captain America came to get me?”

This response from Cox to all the Spidey rumors contrasts with another in which he was much more cryptic and non-committal. However, his comments sound genuine and he raises some good points about how it might’ve been difficult for him to be involved with the film. That said, Andrew Garfield has likewise outright denied he’s in it, too, and yet all the signs are pointing to that being a white lie.

We don’t know what to think. All will finally be revealed when Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.