Charlie Cox Trends As Fans Go Wild Over No Way Home Leak

Ahead of its launch next month more Spider-Man: No Way Home behind the scenes images have seemingly leaked and within these images, if they prove to be authentic is some serious spoilers for the upcoming sequel.

Among the so-called “leaked” images can be seen Charlie Cox’s Daredevil who is sat at a table alongside Peter Parker, Happy, and Aunt May. These images appear to have originated from The John Campea Show as they boast watermarks for his channel, and as you’d expect the fans are coming out in force resulting in Charlie Cox trending on social media.

While these are some of the more compelling leaks in their appearance they aren’t confirmed to be authentic and according to Campea himself, boast some serious inconsistencies leading him to believe they are fake.

The biggest evidence for this is the framing and light direction present within the image of all three Sony Spider-Men together.

While it seems very likely that the two other Spider-Men will show up in the film given that their nemesis’ will be, the appearance of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil is something that has been rumored but no information from the films promo material has hinted at this to date.

One source that does line up with the seemingly leaked image is from an interview Tom Holland did where he shared that he was involved in a sit-down scene with Happy and Aunt May alongside a mystery character that will make audiences jaw drop. This could have been the inspiration for a convincing photoshop, however, so again, take the image with a grain of salt for now.

Fans may be getting excited with these images, however, it’s important to remain skeptical until official information is revealed. Alternatively, we may have to wait until Daredevil’s appearance can be confirmed by watching the film when it launches on Dec. 17.