Here’s How Charlie Hunnam Could Look As The DCEU’s Green Arrow


We’ve already had some of the biggest heroes in DC’s library up on the big screen over the past few years in the DCEU, but never Green Arrow. Sure, we’ve had The CW’s Arrow on our TVs for seven seasons now with Stephen Amell ably donning Oliver Queen’s hood. But the Green Arrow holds such a key place in the pantheon of the Justice League that he deserves a movie appearance, too. And the internet has long decided who should play him.

Charlie Hunnam as the Emerald Archer is one of the oldest DCEU fan-casts in the book, with folks saying for years that the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword star, with his rugged good looks and blonde hair and beard, would be the perfect actor to bring the character to life.

Not convinced yet? Well, just have a look at this awesome fan art from Instagram user Ramesh De Silva:

Oliver Queen is yet to make his DCEU debut, but his comic book wife is coming to the big screen very soon. Jurnee Smollett-Bell will be playing Dinah Lance/Black Canary in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie. We’re hearing that Warner Bros. is hoping to do more with the heroine after this as well, with a spinoff film in consideration. And if Canary does prove to be popular enough, that could be the best way to bring Green Arrow into the franchise.

Hunnam himself is aware that fans are calling for him to join the DC universe, too, and has even discussed the fact that he’s not ruling out the idea. The latest word from him on the subject came back in 2017, when he put out an open message to the studio saying “DC, give me a call.” Presumably though, they didn’t get the memo.

In any case, Arrow season 8 wraps up the series later this year and after that, fingers crossed the Green Arrow will find a new home in the DCEU.

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