Charlie Hunnam And Others Lead The Escape From New York Remake Wishlist


It seems as though every week brings us another announcement, or another rumor, about yet another remake, reboot, or sequel. The remake of the 1980s cult action film Escape from New York has been kicking around for awhile now, but questions have been raised about who can fill Kurt Russell’s shoes as the hero with the eyepatch Snake Plissken. In a recent report from Starlog (via /Film), Charlie Hunnam topped the list of actors rumored to be in the running for the coveted (?) role.

Hunnam occupies the top spot in a wishlist of actors that also included Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) and Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey). Hunnam is certainly the most immediately recognizable star on that list, having crossed into big budget action star territory with Pacific Rim. But, he is also lined up for Pacific Rim 2 and Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur, so taking on this part might be a bit of a stretch. Bernthal matches the role a little better too, in my opinion, while Dan Stevens would be an outside chance; he’s a bit less muscly and mean-looking than the other two.

The remake of Escape from New York is not going to be an exact replica of John Carpenter’s original film, either. The report says that it will be more team-based than the original, with previously supporting characters taking center stage. There’s no word as yet about who might play the rest of the team, which includes Mina, “a warzone journalist;” Gareth, “the last surviving member of the President’s security detail;” Cabbie, “a schizophrenic travel guide;” and The Brain, Plissken’s former partner. I’m sure that once Plissken is actually cast we’ll get around to the rest of the gang.

As always, one must ask why we need an Escape from New York remake. The original is a cult classic, and still very enjoyable in its own right. But this is the Hollywood of 2014, and originality is mostly met with distrust and even contempt.

These are all rumors, of course, and we’ll have to wait on official announcements for a little while yet. There’s not even a director attached. But not to worry: we’ll bring you more information just as soon as we hear anything new.