Charlie Sheen In Machete Kills Promo, Still Culturally Relevant


There’s stunt casting, then there’s putting both Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson in your movie. Proving himself as not really one for doing things the easy way, Robert Rodriguez’s casting of the media’s two favourite Hollywood maniacs in Machete Kills, another exploitation-but-not-really film along the lines of Death Proof; Planet Terror and, indeed, the underwhelming Machete; was greeted with our very own Will Chadwick’s usual brand of unfettered enthusiasm.

Many more promo images and trailers have since been released by the self-styled maverick film maker, including images of Lady Gaga as La Chameleon, Antonio Banderas in a “surprising” cameo, and a low-key role for Sofia Vergara as Desdemona (subtle, right? A Shakespeare reference. High falutin’).

Anyway, this latest piece of news comes courtesy of a slew of new pictures and a 30 second promo spot for the movie, courtesy of The Playlist, centering around President Charlie Sheen being as Charlie Sheen-like as possible, while the rest of the cast and crew pretend that the world is still interested in anything that Charlie Sheen has to say.

Charlie Sheen, right? Hahaha. That guy, he’s a laugh riot. A depressing, really quite sad when you think about the life he must lead, laugh riot. At least he’s getting loads of money and being enabled right in front of our very eyes. At least we’ve got that to hold on to.

Machete Kills comes out October 11th. Let’s hope it’s a little less smugly objectionable than the irredeemable Charlie Sheen makes it out to be.