Charlize Theron Says The Old Guard 2 Script Is Complete, Shoots Early Next Year

The old Guard

As a big budget comic book adaptation with a proven action hero in the lead role that ended on a note specifically designed to set up the next adventure for the titular crew, it was always incredibly likely that The Old Guard was poised to launch a multi-film franchise for Netflix, especially when it drew in over 70 million viewers in the first four weeks it was available to stream (becoming one of the platform’s ten most-watched original movies ever in the process).

Star and producer Charlize Theron has always been open about her willingness to return as immortal warrior Andy for another go-round. And the actress has now confirmed that the script for The Old Guard 2 has been written, and production is being eyed to kick off during the first quarter of next year, presumably resulting in a summer 2023 release.

The Academy Award winner also confirms that Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli will be be back as Joe and Nicky, better known as Yusuf Al-Kaysani and Nicolò di Genova, but there’s no word on the rest of the ensemble. However, director Gina Prince-Blythewood will have surely already gotten the call, and based on how The Old Guard ended, we have a decent idea of where the plot is heading.

The ending was a cliffhanger, showing that Andy’s old companion, Quynh, wasn’t trapped in an iron maiden at the bottom of the ocean, but alive and well. She’s also got a serious axe to grind having been left for dead centuries ago, and she shows up at the home of exiled team member Booker before The Old Guard cut to black. So at least the sequel-baiting finale wasn’t for nothing in the long run.