Netflix Users Are Celebrating The Old Guard’s Huge Success

The old Guard

There must be plenty of back-slapping going on in the Netflix boardroom, with the streaming service knocking it out of the park recently when it comes to their original movies and TV shows.

Having just released the list of their Top 10 most-watched original movies ever that revealed Extraction had been streamed almost 100 million times, something star Chris Hemsworth was quick to shout from the rooftops, the rankings will already need to be updated following the success of The Old Guard.

The Charlize Theron-led comic book adaptation has been yet another huge hit for Netflix, with fans already crying out for a sequel, which we’ve heard is now in the works. Not only that, but the movie is also projected to reach over 70 million households in just four weeks, meaning that it would slot into sixth place on the company’s all-time viewership charts.

Netflix can often be vague when it comes to their data unless people really like the project in question, but given the run they currently find themselves on, you can completely understand why they’re happy to tout their wins so heavily. Subscribers and filmmakers alike have been taking to social media to praise both The Old Guard and director Gina Prince-Blythewood as well, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

The Old Guard may have lost the number one spot on Netflix’s Top 10 to the critically-panned Fatal Affair, but the fantasy actioner looks set to continue dominating the viewing figures for a while yet, and having left itself open for a sequel, a second adventure for the titular band of immortal mercenaries will no doubt be rushed into active development as soon as possible.

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