Charlize Theron shares BTS video of her ‘Doctor Strange 2’ debut

Image via Marvel Studios

Marvel went to great lengths in order to keep Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness spoilers under wraps, even going so far as to disable comments on the movie’s official Twitter feed. Having been in release for more than a week, though, it’d be safe to say the moratorium has been well and truly lifted.

Even then, newcomer Charlize Theron didn’t wait anywhere close to that long before celebrating her debut as the sorceress Clea. The very same day Sam Raim’s sequel hit theaters, the Academy Award winner hopped onto Twitter to literally let the cat out of the bag.

Then, she followed it up by revealing a behind the scenes image of herself in full Clea makeup, which was accompanied by a production still showcasing the MCU’s brand new power couple. Continuing on in that vein, Theron has now unveiled another BTS snippet of her being scanned into the database for future reference.

Having a star of Theron’s caliber debuting in a mid-credits scene smacked of vague sequel teasing that won’t be paid off for years, but we’ll let it slide when the actress is such a big name and proven ass-kicker. The 46 year-old now has plum parts in the MCU, Fast & Furious, and The Old Guard all at once, making it clear once again that she’s got no intention of stepping down as one of the industry’s premiere action heroes any time soon.

As for when we’ll see her next, Doctor Strange 3 is the obvious bet, but maybe Clea will return before then.

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