Charlize Theron Not Signed On To Return As Imperator Furiosa In Mad Max: The Wasteland



As the undisputed leading star of George Miller’s Fury Road – not to mention the director’s consistent teases of a sequel during production – it seemed to be all but confirmed that Charlize Theron would reprise her role as the one-armed badass Imperator Furiosa for Mad Max: The Wasteland, though the actress herself has cast doubt over a potential return.

While promoting her role in upcoming adaptation Dark Places, Theron was candid when quizzed about her involvement in Miller’s follow-up. But is it all smoke and mirrors?

“What’s ‘Wasteland’? This is all news to me. I have not heard anything like that.”

Stealing the show from Tom Hardy’s titular Road Warrior, it was Theron’s raw, yet enigmatic performance that went down as one of the best elements of Fury Road – of which there were many. How and ever, even if the actress is being purposely coy about The Wasteland, the fact of the matter is that Warner Bros. is yet to officially give the go-ahead on production of the sequel.


At the time of writing, Fury Road is simmering just north of $350 million worldwide, and though it has become one of the most universally adored blockbusters of the last decade, the studio will likely reserve judgement until the high-octane actioner blasts onto Blu-Ray before committing to a decision. We already know that Hardy has signed on to appear in at least three more installments, though we can’t help but feel that Miller and Co. will struggle to fill the Furiosa-shaped hole should Theron forgo the yet-to-be-confirmed sequel.

What do you think, though? Indeed, do you feel Charlize Theron is now an instrumental cog in the oily Mad Max machine? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: USA Today

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