Charlize Theron Could Star In A Million Ways To Die In The West

Few people are flying as high as Seth MacFarlane is right now. If his success with Family Guy, American Dad and countless other TV shows isn’t enough, he also struck gold with last summer’s Ted, which already has a sequel in the works. Now, MacFarlane is looking towards the future and aside from hosting the Oscars, he also has his western-comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West coming up.

MacFarlane is set to direct, write and star in the film and now, he has snatched up an Oscar winner to co-star, Charlize Theron. The film, which is already drawing comparisons to Blazing Saddles, will follow “a farmer (MacFarlane) who wimps out of a gunfight, causing his girlfriend to leave him. He enlists the help of an outlaw’s wife to help him shoot, only to find himself falling for her.” No confirmation yet on who Theron will play but it will likely be the outlaw’s wife.

I’m not too sold on the idea just yet but MacFarlane is certainly popular in Hollywood these days, let’s just hope he doesn’t ruin his goodwill. I generally like his brand of humor and I’ve always loved Family Guy. While I don’t think Ted was the big deal that most made it out to be, it was still quite funny and had me laughing out loud at many scenes. It was an admirable effort from MacFarlane and I am, at the very least, intrigued to see what he can do with A Million Ways To Die In The West.

As for Theron, she doesn’t get the chance to do lighter, more comedic stuff too often so it will be nice to see her in a film like this. Plus, she’s usually pretty reliable in just about all of her roles, especially lately. I really enjoyed her in Prometheus and to a bit of a lesser extent, Snow White and the Huntsman.

With shooting getting underway in May, for a Summer 2014 release date, you can expect more news on this one soon. In the meantime though, let us know what you think of Charlize Theron joining A Million Ways To Die In The West.