Academy-Commissioned Posters For The 2013 Best Picture Nominees Released

I’ve always been a huge fan of poster art, decorating numerous rooms with the most creative and vibrant movie posters from some of my favorite films, which is why I absolutely love what the Academy has done for this year’s 2013 Best Picture Nominees. Now don’t get me wrong, there are already brilliant poster renditions by numerous artists for these films, especially for Django Unchained, but hand it to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for commissioning their own independent artists for this project which blends all the best parts of this year’s best films with some extremely showcase-worthy artwork.

My favorite of the bunch is tied between Rich Kelly’s striking summarization of Beast of the Southern Wild and Anthony Petrie’s flag-shredding poster for Argo, but every single one of these is indeed something special.

Sure, companies like Mondo create limited edition screen prints for movies all the time, and they’re pretty damn good at it, but it has got to be an extreme honor for filmmakers to see their creation be presented with both a nomination of the highest honor and an eye-candy treat only given to films worthy enough for Best Picture recognition. Talk about having your cake, eating that cake, and then being handed another piece of delicious cake!

You can find all the posters and their original artists over at the Academy’s own page, but we’ve grabbed all the posters and thrown them together in a little gallery for your right here so you don’t have to go searching. These aren’t just “For Your Consideration,” these are definitely created “For Your Enjoyment,” which shouldn’t be that hard. What I’d give to get one or two of these framed and added to my personal collection, finding a nice home in between a scantily clad, gun-holding Michelle Rodriguez from Machete and the Planet Terror/Death Proof hybrid poster from Grindhouse.