Check Out The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer From Comic-Con


UPDATE: The video has been removed. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

One of the best panels at Comic-Con was definitely the one held for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Intriguing information about the movie came to light from the various interviews, and rave reviews hit the web about the footage that was shown. Unfortunately for most fans though, there hasn’t been a way to see that footage unless you were in attendance at the panel. But that changes today, as a leaked stream of that footage has hit the web.

That’s right, a YouTube stream of the trailer has made its way online for everyone to view. This isn’t just your normal trailer either. Instead, it’s four full minutes of footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The clip starts with a truck rushing through the city running over everything in its path. Spidey voices over saying the thing he loves about being Spider-Man is “everything.” He then jumps into the truck in his typical cocky fashion to keep Paul Giamatti’s Rhino from destroying the city. We then get a humorous interaction with Aunt May, showing yet again why Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is so great to watch. But then the footage turns to Max Dillon, who later becomes the villainous Electro.

We see that Max is an employee of Oscorp and a huge fan of Spider-Man. All he wants to do is be noticed, and have people know his name. He wishes he could be like Spider-Man, and even goes as far to call him “amazing.” But then, the accident happens that leads to his blue skin and superpowers. Unfortunately for Spidey, it appears Electro isn’t as big of a fan of the web-slinging hero, as his god-like powers are fully on display, destroying the city, and anyone who tries to stop him.

We also see that Spidey is not feared and hated by the public. He graces the news in a positive light, and has crowds cheering his name when he saves lives. I have a hunch though that when things turn sour, the public may not be quite as supportive of their friendly neighborhood hero.

We don’t see a ton of Emma Stone’s Gwen, but she does tell Peter that as much as she loves the fact that he’s Spider-Man. She “loves Peter Parker more.” That’s another source of conflict for our hero, who’s already going to be juggling more than his fair share of villains.

It’s four minutes of adrenaline pumping footage that starts at 4:25 and runs all the way until 8:25. If this doesn’t get you thrilled about next May’s sequel, there may be little hope left for you.

Check out the video below and then head to the comments section to share your thoughts on this preview for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.