Check Out New Pics From Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar


The hype has begun for the more serious entries into the cinematic canon that we have come to expect from fall movie season. Many intriguing films will be hitting cinemas this fall, but few so intriguing – or already so divisive – as Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, the movie that has had no real plot details to speak of.

Here’s what we do know about Interstellar: the film features Matthew McConaughey as a man who goes to outer space to “save mankind” as the Earth runs out of food. He joins a group of explorers who are trying to use a wormhole to exceed the limits of interstellar travel. It also stars Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, and John Lithgow. The latest pics to surface online from Entertainment Weekly’s fall preview (via The Playlist) do not give us many more plot details, unfortunately. Anne Hathaway is looking good and McConaughey is looking Space Age, but that’s about it.

John Lithgow, though, has had a few things to say about Interstellar and the thematics that the film tries to take on. Here’s what he recently said about Nolan’s approach to the project:

It’s a thrilling interaction between grand spectacle and intimate, intense relationships … More so than many films of this genre, Chris found a way to make fantastic drama out of cosmic ideas and current human anxieties.

Intriguing, if a little suspect – after all, there are plenty so-called “profound” entries into the dystopian sci-fi genre. I am always skeptical of a Nolan film, not least because I have been largely underwhelmed by most of his efforts. Interstellar has a strong cast, though, and what plot details have surfaced so far provide some good teasers. Dystopian space films have been very popular of late, with decidedly mixed results. We shall to wait and see if Christopher Nolan’s entry into this subgenre will be worth our time.

You can check out some of the latest images from Interstellar below and see what you think about the potential for Nolan’s latest work. The film will moonwalk into theatres on November 7.

Source: The Playlist