Watch: First Trailer For Gory Horror Comedy Corona Zombies

Corona Zombies

You have to hand it to Full Moon Features for being on the ball. In what must be the space of a few weeks, they’ve written, shot and almost finished Corona Zombies. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, they’re pitching the movie as an antidote to the gloom and paranoia that many are feeling, saying:

“Full Moon has always preached the philosophy of fun to deal with the heavy world we live in. We’re answering the current pandemic panic with our own goofy, gory, silly, satirical and irreverent riff with CORONA ZOMBIES, a ludicrous vision of a vile virus spiraling out of control, one that causes its victims to become cannibalistic, creepy and contagious Corona Zombies!”

Earlier today, the teaser trailer for the pic landed online and while it doesn’t look like it’s going to scoop up any awards, it does at least look very topical. In it, we see a blonde lady searching for toilet paper. She finds it, only to be menaced by one of the titular Corona Zombies, snarling through his ruined face mask.

All very timely stuff. The official description makes it sound like the movie is going to squeeze every contemporary concern into the film, too, as it’s billing itself as showing the government “asleep at the wheel,” depicting businesses boarding their doors, citizens going into social isolation and the consequences of the world buckling under a global pandemic. Perhaps the only thing that’s not ripped from the headlines is the dead rising to kill us all. But y’know, these are weird times, so let’s not rule anything out.

Corona Zombies will air exclusively on the Full Moon Features channel and app from April 10th, before becoming available to all and sundry on Amazon Prime on April 20th. Hell, I’m in the mood for a giggle, so I’ll probably check it out. It looks like the kind of movie that’d make Lloyd Kaufman proud.