New Avengers: Infinity War Posters Tease 3D And Dolby Release


If the Avengers: Infinity War hype machine was an actual machine, it’d be an unstoppable ten-tonne juggernaut barreling down the highway. Disney and Marvel Studios have perfected the art of blockbuster marketing, releasing an apparently never-ending trickle of trailers, TV spotsphotos and posters. And the latest piece of the puzzle is two new one-sheets that are very definitely playing it safe when it comes to design.

As you can see, they’re essentially montages of the various heroes stitched together into a collage with a couple of sparkly lights superimposed on top. The best of the pair is definitely the ‘purple’ RealD 3D poster featuring Thanos, which at least tries to place the characters in positions that (sort of) make sense.

Sadly, the other one, for Dolby at AMC, is just a messy tangle of heroes put together without any thematic sense. Doctor Strange looks genuinely surprised that he’s popping out of Captain America’s head, Hulk is relegated to a tiny character tucked away behind Black Widow (note to the design guys, the Hulk should probably be big on a poster) and you’ve got Falcon just randomly hanging out in the middle.

Check them both out below (along with a few previously released ones) and see what you think:

It looks as if, after the excellent montage posters we saw earlier in the campaign, that Disney’s graphic designers are running out of steam. The same cut and pasted promo shots of the individual heroes are repeated over and over again (even in just these two you’ve got the exact same images of Drax, Black Widow and War Machine) and still no Hawkeye or Ant-Man! Come on, guys, mix it up a little with some new art.

Despite these posters being a bit of a letdown, they’re not going to lessen my anticipation of what’s sure to be the most superhero-packed movie to date. All signs point to Avengers: Infinity War being a true turning point in the MCU and you’d be a sucker to miss it. I’ll see you in cinemas on April 27th.

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