Chewbacca Actor Still Wants A Solo: A Star Wars Story Sequel


Solo: A Star Wars Story unfortunately didn’t make the splash Lucasfilm were hoping for when it blasted into cinemas last May, with the Han Solo prequel ending up as comfortably the lowest-grossing Star Wars movie ever. Clearly, there were plans to build a franchise around Alden Ehrenreich’s young smuggler, but it seems this has been put on hold since the spinoff underperformed.

Yet, Solo still has an awful lot of fans out there who thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to see a sequel. One of them is Chewbacca himself, actor Joonas Suotamo. The star, who’s portrayed Chewie since The Force Awakensshared a snap of himself in costume alongside Ehrenreich on the Solo set and in his caption, he encouraged fans to make some noise if they want to see more of Han and Chewie together in a Solo 2. 

“It’s rare to see photos of myself without the mask… here you can see me and Alden in Fuerteventura chatting while the crew is prepping for the next shot,” he wrote. “The image is from Rob Bredow’s new book Making Solo and it gives us a look through the process of creating Solo: A Star Wars Story. We set out to make a good film and I’m very proud of the finnished film. Like if you’d like to see a sequel for Solo. Rawwwrgh!”

Solo was clearly engineered to set up future films, as a late-in-the-day twist revealed that none other than Darth Maul was the brains behind the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate. The former Sith Lord told Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra to join him on Dathomir, which teased a bigger role for the villain in a sequel as well as a major turn to the dark side for Han’s old flame.

However, screenwriter Jon Kasdan has been honest before about the slim chances of Solo 2 happening. While he thinks another big budget release is out of the question, he did tease that it might be viable if the production didn’t cost so much. These comments were made last year, but now they don’t seem too far-fetched, as a cheaper Solo: A Star Wars Story sequel could easily be made for Disney Plus. Fingers crossed, then. Or paws crossed, in Chewie’s case.

Source: Instagram