Darth Maul Actor Still Hopeful For A Solo: A Star Wars Story Sequel


The last Star Wars movie to hit cinema screens was Solo: A Star Wars Story, the prequel starring Alden Ehrenreich as the future scruffy-looking nerf herder which arrived back in May. In the face of well-publicized production issues and fan backlash against the idea of replacing Harrison Ford, Solo didn’t make the same splash as previous entries in the saga, ending up as the first flop of the Disney era of the franchise.

That’s unfortunate for the Mouse House, as it’s clear that Solo was supposed to spawn at least one sequel. A late-in-the-day twist revealed that none other than Darth Maul was pulling the strings in the shadows, a heavy hint that the Emperor’s former apprentice would be back for a much bigger role in Solo 2. The fans that do want to see this have been vocal about their desire for said sequel on social media and, understandably, Maul himself counts among their number.

Ray Park returned to the franchise for the first time in 18 years in Solo, reprising his role as the horn-headed villain from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. He clearly had a blast in his small cameo, too, as he’s definitely up for more. We know this because he responded to a fan calling for Solo 2 on Twitter by making his enthusiasm clear: “Meeeeeeeee Toooooooo!” he wrote, followed by a wink-face emoji.

Disney and Lucasfilm have given no official word on if plans for Solo 2 have been cancelled or not, but it’s fair to say the chances are slim. Even screenwriter Jon Kasdan – who co-wrote the movie with his father, Star Wars legend Lawrence Kasdan – has admitted that he’s not holding his breath for it to happen. Maybe Park will get the chance to play Maul in a different spinoff instead? Say, the Obi-Wan movie that everyone wants to happen?

We’ll have to wait and see where he pops up next, but what do you think? Should Solo: A Star Wars Story get a sequel? And do we need to see more of Maul? Have your say in the comments section down below.