Child’s Play Director Teases His Plans For A Potential Sequel

Child's Play

Child’s Play arrived over the weekend, unleashing the rebooted version of Chucky onto the world. As the franchise has been around for 30 years and counting, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this revamped take on the homicidal doll got a sequel. But where would that go? Well, director Lars Klevberg already has some ideas.

Bloody Disgusting caught up with the filmmaker for a spoiler-y chat on where things could go next for Andy (Gabriel Bateman), Karen (Aubrey Plaza) and Mark Hamill’s techno-toy killer. Klevberg revealed that he’d like to do more with the idea of the Buddi Bears that are briefly touched on in the movie’s climax.

“For me, this was just trying to make this the best movie possible. Like, never foreshadowing any detailed plan of where you want to go as a franchise. But yeah, for me I think I love the Buddi Bear concept.”

Child’s Play reaches its peak when Chucky hits the Z-Mart toy store and connects with all the other Buddi dolls there, including the new wave of Buddi Bears. We don’t see too much of them in action, but they look mighty creepy with similar big uncanny-valley eyes to Chucky. Klevberg went on to say that he thinks he might have shortchanged these toys in this movie so he’d like to correct that in a sequel.

“I love the other stuff, and I think we should spend – if that happens – later on, we should spend more time with those assets. I think that was presented a little too short in this movie, what the Buddi Bears are and can be capable of doing.”

The final shot of the film suggests that Chucky managed to download himself into another doll, teasing a way he could return. So, a sequel could have a lot of fun with having Chucky control and inhabit many different toys, possibly even at once. However, there’s no word yet on if Child’s Play 2 is actually happening, and Klevberg summed up where things stand as follows:

“I haven’t said everything I need to say. But for us, and the studio and the producers and me, we’re all just focusing on this first movie and trying to do that as good as possible, and it’s up to the audience to say that the studio and me are allowed to embark on the next one.”

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