Analysts Expecting A Modest Box Office Debut For Child’s Play Reboot

Child's Play

Even by the standards of horror remakes, Lars Klevberg’s Child’s Play has been the subject of a fair amount of backlash from longtime fans. But if the recent projections from Box Office Pro are anything to go by, then Chucky’s next big screen outing could still do okay for itself when it arrives in theaters next month.

Long range tracking has the new Child’s Play opening in the range of $12-$22 million, which may not sound like much, but seeing how the movie probably doesn’t have the biggest of budgets, these figures could still be enough for the film to be considered a success.

One factor that the flick has working in its favor is the cast, which boasts the likes of Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry, not to mention Mark Hamill as the new voice of Chucky. On the other hand, the fact that the film is opening on the same weekend as Toy Story 4 may hurt the feature’s debut.

Granted, the marketing for Child’s Play might be on the right track when it sells the movie as a darker alternative to the latest Pixar release. But given how widely beloved a franchise Toy Story continues to be, we may find that even a lot of horror fans opt for the more family-friendly feature that weekend.

Speaking of competition, Child’s Play is scheduled for come out just one week before the release of Annabelle Comes Home. And considering how much commercial clout the Conjuring Universe has these days, some filmgoers might prefer to wait another seven days to see the second of the two killer doll movies.

In any case, a lot could happen in the next seven weeks, but we’ll find out if the MGM reboot can garner enough interest in the new Chucky when Child’s Play hits theaters on June 21st.