Chucky Murders A Toy Story Character On New Child’s Play Poster

Child's Play

The marketing for the upcoming Child’s Play reboot has demonstrated a deliciously dark, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor with multiple posters giving a Chucky-themed flavor to various holidays like Christmas, Easter and even 4/20. The best joke the movie’s team came up with, though, is actually its release date.

The remake is arriving on June 21st, the same day as Toy Story 4, a very different take on the concept of toys coming to life. And now, the latest poster for Child’s Play has decided to have some fun with the competition between the two films, deciding who would come out on top between Chucky and Woody in a fight.

Sure, the Pixar film is likely going to win the box office battle, but the poor cowboy toy wouldn’t make it to Toy Story 5 if he encountered the pint-sized killer in person. Don’t believe us? Just check out the disturbing poster below, which sees Chucky’s foot walking away from a familiar-looking stuffed arm (note that Woody’s sleeve is red instead of yellow here though, as Orion don’t want any unwanted calls from Disney’s legal team).

Star Gabriel Bateman shared the new poster on Instagram and had some fun with the similarity between his character in the movie, Andy Barclay, and the iconic kid from the TS franchise with the same name. “So long, partner. I got a new best buddy and this time he’s not just a toy…,” Bateman wrote in his caption. “He’s my best friend! LOVE, ANDY.”

The new Child’s Play will give the character a techno-horror bent, swapping the original origin story of a murderer’s soul possessing an ordinary doll for a state-of-the-art “Smart Doll” that goes haywire and starts killing folks. Mark Hamill voices the doll while Aubrey Plaza stars as Karen, Andy’s mom who buys him the dangerously defective toy, and Brian Tyree Henry plays Detective Mike Norris.

Watch out for Chucky slashing his way back onto cinema screens this summer in Child’s PlayAnd make sure not to take your kids to the wrong movie about toys on June 21st.

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