Child’s Play Remake Celebrates The Holiday Season With New Motion Poster


Dropping in the early days of summer next year, the upcoming Child’s Play reboot presumably has no intention of becoming a Christmas classic, but MGM just keeps on producing the holiday-themed material to prepare us for the arrival of the new Chucky.

The film’s official Twitter account, for instance, has just shared a motion poster featuring a tree surrounded by presents. One of these gifts, however, has apparently been unwrapped early, as the box for a new Buddi doll is seen busted open, presumably from the inside. As a spooky rendition of “Jingle Bells” plays on the soundtrack, a shadow is seen darting across the screen before a distinctly stabby sound is heard and blood splatters across the wall. Throughout this 15-second video, the slogan above reads, “More than a toy… he’s your best friend.”

This last week has seen a generous supply of festive marketing come our way for Lars Klevberg’s feature debut. Most notably, an assortment of deceptively cutesy e-cards was uploaded to the official website a few days ago, featuring the new Chucky as he smiles through a series of bloody images.

But while we’ve now seen plenty of illustrations of the character’s latest incarnation, our exposure to Chucky’s live-action form has yet to go beyond a single, partially obscured photo from three months ago, and so far, the fans aren’t too impressed, with many still upset that the series is being rebooted without the involvement of actor Brad Dourif or series creator Don Mancini.

When we finally do get to see the new Chucky in action, you can imagine it being a make-or-break moment for many fans. But regardless of whether Child’s Play can shake off its bad buzz, the film will be heading into theaters from June 21st, 2019.

Source: Twitter