Here’s Your First Look At The New Chucky In Child’s Play Reboot


If you required more proof of Hollywood being a strange place, one need not look any further than the confusion surrounding the Child’s Play franchise.

Seeing as how last year’s Cult of Chucky is still very much fresh in our memories – a film that I really dug, mind you – it’s quite surprising to see the brand branching into so many directions. I mean, it made sense for creator Don Mancini and company to continue the enduring saga as a TV series, but it’s the other stuff that’s left me scratching my head.

You see, while Universal is free to pursue the TV show and more movie sequels of their own, MGM is committing to a reboot of the franchise, which has just unveiled its first look at the reimagined icon. Seen below, we’ve been granted a teaser for the new Chucky, courtesy of Orion Pictures’ Twitter page.

From the look of it, this alternate take on the killer doll shares visual similarities with its predecessor, though it seems like it just stepped right out of a MAD Magazine parody. Still, it’s hard for both myself – and likely the aforementioned Mancini – to get past the notion of Chucky being repackaged as an out of control artificial intelligence.

To be honest, I can see this image garnering both positive and negative attention – but perhaps more so on the negative side because longtime fans seem to be standing alongside Mancini and actor Brad Dourif, who won’t be lending his pipes to this iteration.

For better or worse, we’ll bring you all developments regarding the Child’s Play reboot as they surface. So, as always, keep watching this space for more.