Child’s Play Remake Wishes You A Killer Holiday With Christmas E-Cards


Though MGM’s somewhat controversial Child’s Play reboot is still over half a year away, the next Chucky is already sharing greeting cards for the holiday season like he’s an old friend.

The new collection of deceptively cutesy e-cards was uploaded along with an assortment of similarly colorful wallpaper on the official website. The illustrations see the freckled little doll smiling through a series of bloody but undeniably festive images featuring the logo of the fictional Kaslan Corporation in the corner.

All in all, it’s a fun bit of promotion, but a lot of fans likely won’t be feeling too merry about seeing the new Chucky’s cheery face. To elaborate, the upcoming Child’s Play has been the subject of an ongoing backlash from horror enthusiasts who are annoyed and baffled by MGM’s decision to reboot the franchise even as series creator Don Mancini continues to build on the original continuity with his planned Child’s Play: The TV Series.

With actor Brad Dourif continuing to voice the killer doll in the show, the reveal of the new Chucky a few months ago was met with widespread hostility, with Mancini himself speaking for many when he responded via Twitter with that old Mariah Carey putdown, “I don’t know her.”

All that being said, perhaps the silver lining to this development is that we just might end up with two worthwhile Child’s Play projects in the near future. After all, the the casting of Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation and Brian Tyree Henry from Atlanta suggests that the film has probably done at least two things right, so while some fans may be expecting the worst, surely we can at least hope for the best when Child’s Play hits theaters on June 21st, 2019.