Chucky Murders The Easter Bunny On New Child’s Play Poster

Child's Play

The Child’s Play marketing team have definitely had some fun serving up seasonal posters for this June’s horror reboot over the past few months. Chucky starred in some chilling Christmas cards last December, and just yesterday he celebrated 4/20! Now, continuing on with the tradition, the killer doll has a grisly encounter with the Easter Bunny on the promo art seen down below.

The creepy image features the tyrannical toy towering over the unseen chocolate-giving rabbit, with a smear of blood and smashed Easter eggs behind him. This style of poster – the obscured Chucky part, not the bunny-killing part – is typical of the promotion for Child’s Play, as we didn’t get a proper look at this new take on the iconic slasher villain for the longest time. In fact, it was only last week’s second trailer that unveiled him in the flesh plastic.

Now, the tactic seems to be to withhold Chucky’s voice, which will be provided by Star Wars legend Mark Hamill. The recent trailer only gave us two words from him – “goodnight, Andy” – but they were suitably terrifying and casting the man who’s been playing the Joker for 20+ years to takeover from Brad Dourif was a stroke of genius.

Hamill certainly seems to be aware of the character’s long history, too, as it’s been revealed that he went and rewatched all the previous entries in the franchise once he got the job. He also has experience with voicing Chucky – as he played the role as part of a Child’s Play spoof on Robot Chicken years ago. Not that the actor remembered though, until he was reminded about it on Twitter.

From what we know so far, the reboot’s fresh angle on Chucky is that he’s a “smart doll” whose A.I. gets corrupted, turning him murderous. Other than that, the plot is relatively similar to the original. Aubrey Plaza’s Karen Barclay gets her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a Buddi Doll for his birthday, only for chaos to ensue. Brian Tyree Henry also stars as Detective Mike Norris, who’s determined to get to the bottom of the murders.

Be sure to catch Child’s Play when it enters theaters on June 21st.