Chinese Poster For Marvel’s Ant-Man Is The Best Yet

Ant-Man Banner

Ant-Man is set to be released in China on October 16th, and it will likely be its performance in that regiong which decides whether or not Marvel gives the movie a sequel. The Peyton Reed helmed film (which stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly) is expected to pass the $400 million mark at the box office this weekend, which is a great number but nowhere near the haul taken by Marvel’s last “risky” movie: Guardians of the Galaxy.

So, while Ant-Man has been far from a flop, it hasn’t been the kind of runaway success that guarantees a follow-up at some point in Phase 3. If China adds another $100 million though, Marvel might just change their mind, so there’s a lot riding on the movie’s release there – and in Japan – next month.


To mark the upcoming release of Ant-Man in that region, Marvel has released a very cool poster this week, which is arguably much better than the ones they put out back in July. As you can see, it features the titular hero battling it out with Yellowjacket. It’s stylish, slick and overall a great piece of marketing material.

Ant-Man is expected to be released on DVD and Blu-ray later this year in North America and will land in China on October 16th. Check out the new poster below, along with some of the original ones for comparison’s sake.