New Promo Images Tease Justice League’s Landscape


With the cinematic release of Justice League being just over a month away, it seems like we’re getting treated to new promotional goodies by the day. This week alone,  we’ve seen new high resolution images, character posters and those who happen to be in the New York area have the ability to take part in one heck of an interactive experience in the coming days.

Now, in addition to the knowledge that the final trailer will drop this Sunday, a handful of Chinese promo images have made their way online thanks to Twitter user fukujang0627. Said to be part of marketing complementing China’s Mid-Autumn Festival, each of the five provide teasers pertaining to various Leaguers, excluding Superman because, you know, he’s busy hiding his mustache.

As we thumb through the gallery, we can see the following: The Gotham City skyline, complete with Bat Signal; the island of Themyscira, looking no less breathtaking at dusk; a trail of lightning left by the Flash; a cool looking POV from Cyborg, the superhero who knows your browser history; and some bubbles in the water, likely there due to Aquaman’s breathing.

One thing all images have in common, though, is that of the moon. It may seem innocuous, sure, but it appears that Cyborg is analyzing it for some reason. Whether this is hinting at something larger remains to be seen, but we can’t help but wonder if that big ball in the sky somehow factors into Steppenwolf’s plans – or if the team plan to build a stronghold up there.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17.