Five Character Posters For Justice League Debut Ahead Of Sunday’s New Trailer


Looks like the new and seemingly final trailer for Justice League is arriving this weekend after all – it just isn’t attached to Blade Runner 2049.

Thanks to five beautiful character portraits, we now know that the film’s third sizzle reel will hit the interwebs on Sunday, October 8th, just as New York Comic Con begins to wind down. Further details on the timing of Warner’s reveal were not disclosed at this early stage, but we’ll update this post the moment we have more information.

As for the striking character portraits, the gallery below acts as a timely companion piece to those technicolor one-sheets that focused on Justice League‘s founding members: Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg. Budding fans have since added Green Lantern and even Deadpool into the mix, so there’s a very good chance BossLogic or another talented concept artist will have some fun with these all-new one-sheets.

Conspicuous by his absence? Superman, of course, though that’s really been the story of Justice League‘s marketing blitz ever since the Man of Steel was laid to rest at the tail-end of Dawn of Justice. That being said, if you peer close enough you’ll notice that Kal-El’s iconic symbol of hope is included on each poster, so even if Supes has spent the past few months waiting in the wings, Warner Bros. is still ensuring that his presence is felt in anticipation of JL‘s release.

Ready to go all in? Justice League debuts November 17th, and you can readily expect the new and final trailer to bring the Internet to a standstill this Sunday, October 6th. Keep your peepers peeled on We Got This Covered over the coming days as we’ll be bringing you all the latest relating to Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s DC blockbuster, the latter of whom recently earned a screenwriting credit for his contribution.