Deadpool Gets The Justice League Treatment With Stylish Fan-Made Poster


With news that Blade Runner 2049 will descend into theaters this Friday, October 6th, without a new Justice League trailer, renown concept artist BossLogic has today cushioned the blow with a beautiful, fan-made poster that essentially ushers Deadpool into the DC ranks.

Stylized to resemble those beautiful Justice League character portraits that emerged online late last week, this is another slam dunk from BossLogic, who renders the Merc With a Mouth alongside his symbol of choice, Hello Kitty. Indeed, it didn’t take long before ardent DC fans took the poster’s template and ran with it, creating up-close (and, sadly, unofficial) portraits for both Superman and Green Lantern.

The latter character is rumored for a cameo appearance in Justice League, thereby teeing up his long-rumored reboot/spinoff, which will seemingly take a few cues from Guardians of the Galaxy. Superman, meanwhile, continues to be a point of fixation among the DC community, who believe that Kal-El will be donning the famous black suit come November. The jury’s still out on that one, though.

If nothing else, it’s a fun mock-up of the Merc joining the DC ranks, and if Deadpool‘s whip-smart marketing campaign is any indication, we can expect a deluge of similarly cheeky posters to hit the interwebs in the lead-up to June 1st, 2018.

That release date will herald one of three major launches for 20th Century Fox, given the studio is also preparing to debut both New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix in 2018. Word is the latter mutant tentpole will be split in two, not unlike how Avengers: Infinity War (and Justice League!) was originally envisioned as a two-parter. We’ll be keeping a close eye on that one as time wears on.

Justice League, meanwhile, will be with us on November 17th – just don’t expect much screentime for J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon.