Green Lantern Corps Said To Be A Funny Group Film Like Guardians Of The Galaxy


For a while there, back in the spring/summer, it sounded like Green Lantern Corps was really picking up steam. Granted, the film isn’t set to blast into theaters until 2020, but a number of reports began to surface pointing to casting, possible directors and what we could expect to see in terms of plot and tone. Things went quiet though back in July and as Warner Bros. shifts all the focus to Justice League ahead of its impending release, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting anymore updates on Corps for a while.

At least, we won’t be getting anymore official updates. Reddit, ever the hive of DCEU rumors and speculation, has delivered another scoop today pertaining to the 2020 pic. Obviously, anything and everything that originates on the social media site should be taken with the requisite pinch of salt, but this particular report hails from a user who’s delivered some accurate information in the past and whose posts don’t just read like fanfic – an increasing rarity on Reddit these days.

Anyways, little is currently known about the Emerald Knight’s entry into the ever-evolving DCEU, but what we’ve heard so far is that a staggering number of big-name Hollywood stars have become linked with the project, including James Marsden, Jake Gyllenhaal, Armie Hammer and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Bradley Cooper. Speaking of Marvel’s dysfunctional family of A-holes, that Reddit report goes on to claim that Green Lantern Corps is being aligned to be the DC equivalent of Guardians.

Here’s the scoop in full:

This movie has a “relatively solid” script, and will venture into “unknown frontiers”. As I have said before, the rumors of a funny, group film have still been going around, although the story is obviously under wraps. We have heard many people compare it to Guardians of the Galaxy, with regards to how it further explored space and other planets. One junior executive has said, “It will be a funny space adventure that is not focused on Earth.”

So, pretty much in line with earlier reports, which also pointed to the project taking cues from Marvel’s space-set franchise. And that certainly makes sense, given the nature of the Green Lanterns and their history in the comic books. When we’ll actually get something more concrete on the pic is unknown, but like we mentioned above, it may be some time as all of the focus is on Justice League right now, and understandably so.

Still, should this Reddit scoop prove to be true, it sounds like things are definitely in motion and once that aforementioned Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon movie is out of the way and we start to head into 2018, hopefully more about Green Lantern Corps will come to light.