Green Lantern Corps Reportedly Sets Sights On Rupert Wyatt To Direct

That Hashtag Show has unearthed a report claiming Rupert Wyatt has now come attached to helm Green Lantern Corps for Warner Bros.

Best known for his acclaimed work on Fox franchise-starter Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Wyatt was originally in line to direct Channing Tatum in the long-gestating Gambit spinoff, before deciding to bow out after the film’s tortured production resulted in a scheduling conflict with one of his other projects. That project in question is Captive State, an alien invasion flick in which John Goodman and the rest of humanity co-exist with an extra-terrestrial species years after their initial arrival on Earth. It’s currently scheduled for release on August 17th of next year, which means Rupert Wyatt is still in the process of polishing what could well be one of the more original, thought-provoking sci-fi movies of 2018.

It also means Wyatt’s schedule is about to open up, and Warner Bros. brass is reportedly circling overhead. Given his experience working in blockbuster territory, the director is certainly an exciting candidate to helm Green Lantern Corps for the studio, and assuming this rumor holds any truth, he may still be making inroads into Hollywood’s crowded superhero genre – something that would see him put the whole Gambit saga firmly behind him.

In tandem with the report, That Hashtag Show also published a pair of character descriptions, which not only tells us that the search for Hal Jordan and John Stewart is ongoing – despite reports to the contrary – but also lends credence to those rumors claiming Green Lantern Corps will be angled as a buddy cop flick in the vein of Lethal Weapon…in space. Not only that, but Jordan will purportedly be much older than initially thought, and will assume a mentor-esque role to a John Stewart still in his mid-20s.

Hal Jordan: Caucasian, 39 – 50. A former military test pilot, he is now a veteran of the Green Lantern Corps.

John Stewart: African- American male, 21 – 30. Prior to joining the Green Lantern Corp, he was a sniper in the military.

No further details regarding a production timeline were disclosed at this stage, but much like those rumors swirling around Joss Whedon’s Batgirl, it seems Warner Bros. is keen to lock down a host of talent in time for San Diego Comic-Con later this month. As always, watch this space for more.