8 Epic Moments From The Justice League Comic-Con Trailer


2016’s San Diego Comic-Con gave us our first look at Justice League, just when fans needed some hope after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice let a lot of people down.

Here we are though, a year later, and the DC Extended Universe is in very different shape. Suicide Squad came and went and unfortunately proved to be an even bigger disappointment for most than BvS. Thankfully, we’ve also had Wonder Woman since then, which has reinvigorated people’s faith that DC might be able to pull off a cinematic universe to rival Marvel’s, after all.

This third Justice League trailer, courtesy of the latest SDCC, is yet another good sign for the DCEU. The extra-long four minute presentation is stuffed full of action, humour, excitement and more. It gives us the best feel for the plot of the film of any trailer yet but – unlike many previous teasers for this franchise – it knows when to hold back and keep us guessing.

So, from Alfred’s one-liners to Steppenwolf’s reveal to a mystery reappearance, here are the eight best moments from the recent Justice League trailer. As always, if you’ve got any that we may have missed, feel free to add them in the comments section.