We Got This Covered’s Top 100 Action Movies

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Explosions, big guns, sculpted muscles, cheesy one-liners and macho men being completely badass, what’s not to love about the action genre? It’s given us some of the most exciting films of all time and is the go-to genre for those looking to enjoy themselves at the theatre. It is also one of the few genres where the writing and acting doesn’t necessarily need to be strong. As long as audiences get the their adrenaline-fuelled roller-coaster ride, they’ll leave the theatre satisfied.

The staff here at We Got This Covered are no strangers to the genre, as we house a few obsessive action nuts of our own, so we thought it might be fun to pick everyone’s brain and collectively make a countdown of our favorite 100 action movies of all time, much like we did with the horror genre. We started by compiling as many favorites as possible into a massive collection, then narrowed that list down to 100, and then had everyone pick a Top 10 list which we used to create the the overall Top 10 for the countdown. The more times a movie appeared, the closer it got to a number one spot.

With that said, don’t take this as a be-all, end-all list, but instead a unique ranking of action films generated by this wonderful staff of ours. Will you agree? Will you disagree? Why don’t you check out the list and see!

Please note that this list does not contain any superhero/comic book films as we are working on a separate list for that genre.

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