We Got This Covered’s Top 100 Horror Movies

Horror films, what isn’t there to love about them? No other film genre has a more varied set of sub-genres, more passionate fans, or the ability to leave a lasting impression – and that’s just on the surface. Think about your first big scare that kept you up for nights, or the first grotesque horror kill that made you cover your eyes, or your first encounter with a legend like Freddy or Jason – there’s just nothing like it.

The staff here at We Got This Covered are no strangers to the genre, as we house a few obsessive horror nuts of our own, so we thought it might be fun to pick everyone’s brain and collectively make a countdown of our favorite 100 horror movies of all time. We started by compiling as many favorites as possible into a massive collection, then narrowed that list down to 100, and then had everyone pick a Top 10 list which we used to create the the overall Top 10 for the countdown. The more times a movie appeared, the closer it got to a number one spot.

With that said, don’t take this as a be-all, end-all list, but instead a unique ranking of horror films generated by this wonderful staff of ours. Will you agree? Will you disagree? Why don’t you check out the list and see!

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