Chris Cooper Is J.D. Salinger In Coming Through The Rye


Since his death in 2010, famously reclusive author J.D. Salinger has been the subject of far more scrutiny than he ever would have permitted during his lifetime. He was the topic of the problematic documentary Salinger in 2013, which many agreed did not quite fulfill its promise, and his unpublished works remain tantalizingly out of reach. Now, he is to be the focus of a new fiction film titled Coming Through the Rye, where the author will be portrayed by none other than consummate character actor Chris Cooper.

The film will be directed by Jim Sadwith, from his own semi-autobiographical script. The story is set in 1969 and focuses on two teenagers, Jamie (Alex Wolff) and Deedee (Stefania Owen), as they search for Salinger. Feeling a similar disconnection from the world as Holden Caulfield, Jamie believes that he’s destined to play the part of the boy and writes a play based on The Catcher in the Rye. Following altercations with boys at his boarding school, Jamie heads off to find Salinger with the help of Deedee.

Coming Through the Rye is Sadwith’s feature film debut, though he does hold a Primetime Emmy for his Sinatra, from 1992. The addition of Cooper must be a feather in the production’s cap, raising the profile of the film slightly and showing that the actor must have faith in the material. It’s an interesting idea in itself, avoiding the usual pitfalls of biopics and focusing on those who have been influenced by Salinger’s work rather than on the author who penned them. After all, Salinger seemed to want to be remember for his literary contributions and not his personal life.

Coming Through the Rye is currently filming, with no release date as yet. International buyers will have a chance at the film in February, so we can expect to hear some more news on the release within the next few months.

Source: The Wrap