Motor City And Lamb Of God May Have Their Leading Men

Captain America 2011 Interview With Chris Evans On Captain America: The First Avenger

Two movies that have been experiencing developmental stalls may have just received the break they need to move forward. Chris Evans has been offered the lead role in the Warner Bros. film Motor City, which is set to be directed by Albert Hughes. Meanwhile, Russell Brand is the frontrunner to be cast as the co-starring male lead in Diablo Cody’s directorial debut, Lamb of God.

/Film is reporting that Hughes has approached Evans to appear as the lead in the film, which was a 2009 Black List script written by Chad St John. If Evans, who most recently portrayed the title character in Captain America: The First Avenger, accepts the role in the Warner Bros. revenge movie, it will reportedly begin filming in January 2012.

Motor City follows a small time crook who is framed and sent to jail. Once he’s released, he goes after the people who sent him there. The movie is receiving hype mainly because it reportedly only contains one line of dialogue, which is certainly interesting. Can a mostly silent film do well in this day and age? What do you think?

As for Brand, he has been offered the role of William in Lamb of God, which follows a young conservative religious woman who loses her faith after a plane crash. She decides to move to Las Vegas to live as a sinner, but while there, she finds her way back to her faith. William is one of the men she meets in Las Vegas. Julianne Hough is reportedly at the top of the list to appear as the young woman but nothing is confirmed yet.

Evans seems like a worthy choice to lead another action film, given the success of Captain America, while Brand is currently one of the go-to comedians who can easily carry a fun Las Vegas movie. While we wait for the casting confirmations, tel us, what do you think about the casting choices? More importantly, what do you think about Motor City and its ‘one line of dialogue’ script?

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