Chris Evans In Talks To Star In Little Shop Of Horrors Remake


When Chris Evans was younger, just a bad little kid, Hollywood noticed the funny things he did. Like throwing shields at HYRDA agents and starring in Not Another Teen Movie. He also found an Ana de Armas and almost bashed her head, and that’s when Warner Brothers said, “I think some day, you’ll find a way, to make your natural charisma pay!” So, he’ll be a dentist!

All riffing aside, it’s being reported today that Captain America himself is in talks to play the evil dentist in the remake of Little Shop of Horrors. The project has been picking up steam over the last year, despite its inception in 2016, as there’ve been previous reports of Taron Egerton (Kingsman, Rocketman) being up for the role of Seymour, Scarlett Johansson (hmm, can’t think of any movies of hers…) being eyed for Audrey and recent fashion meme/Emmy winner Billy Porter (of Pose, a show I have not seen) planning to be the voice of the man-eating plant, also named Audrey. While nothing is 100% set just yet, it does seem like the movie, when it’s eventually made, will have one hell of a cast.

That’s certainly good thinking, putting Chris Evans in a skeevy dickwad role like that. I love how he’s been bucking his Aw Shucks Goodness (TM) in recent films, too. I think the role of the masochistic, abusive boyfriend dentist is a great fit for Evans, so I hope he takes the gig.

I don’t think Egerton is a good choice for Seymour, though. The character is kind of like, ya know, traditionally, a lil’ meek weakling, a big dork. Plus, Rick Moranis is amazing and I don’t think anyone will do better in the role than he did and Egerton is too handsome and built to come off as a loser green thumb.

I wonder who’s going to handle the music for the movie, though. We’ve heard that Greg Berlanti, producer of numerous DC shows and director of the well-received Dear Simon a few years back, is getting behind the camera this time around. It’s not on his IMDb profile just yet, however, so that’s yet to be cemented.

In any case, I’m not sure why this project has taken so long to get off the ground, as it seems like a surefire hit to me, but I also jam out to “Dentist!” in the car by myself, so maybe I’m biased. Steve Martin crushes it, playing slightly against type, and I’m glad that they’re chasing that clout with Chris Evans. Of course, only time will tell how many celebrities Audrey will eat in this Little Shop of Horrors remake, but I’ll be there for it regardless.